With the “In CO-OP Business Point” program, our partner companies are inhouse BAU. With a program ranging from one day to five days a week, we are hosting HR professionals (Director/Manager/Specialist) from our partner companies as our full-day guests in CO-OP.

In brief;

  • We are hosting HR professionals (Director/Manager/Specialist) from one of our partner companies as our full-day guests in CO-OP and they work together with us.
  • We created a special corner (Business Point) and an interview cube. in CO-OP
  • 20 minutes of interview time are given to each student.
  • In this 20 minutes, our students have the chance to get a career consultant directly from an HR professional about their career objectives like; sector and company information, interview preparation or they can share their special ideas/projects.
  • Besides our social media announcements, we are adding an appointment link to our mail announcements and the interview schedule is formed. Our students also send their CV to CO-OP.
  • When our guest come to CO-OP, the interview schedule between 10:00-17:00 and the CV’s of the students that will be interviewed are presented to them. Total of 15 students have the opportunity to get a qualified and one to one interview in one day.
  • To create diversity, companies from different sectors are invited and our students are provided to meet the companies from the sector that they are interested or related to their departments.
  • During the interviews, company executives can take notes about the students who have different competencies or projects to evaluate them for a long term internship program. They can also share these students with CO-OP for transferring to Student Talent Pool.


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